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closed fermentor tank inox wine storage tank stainless steel

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Vials Ampoules Filling Production Line,BFS Production Line,Non PVC Soft Bag Production Line,Freeze Dryer,Face Mask Machine,Purified Water System,Water Distiller,Pure Steam Generat Custom Stainless Steel Wine Tanks, Fermentors and Winery Custom Stainless Steel Tanks Our tanks are fabricated using the finest material available such as SVS and EVOJ valves, Zorzini and Laveggi man-ways to your specifications. The tanks are cut on a CNC machine with very tight tolerances allowing the weld beads to only be 1/8" wide.

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Open top fermentation tank for wine, cider. High quality stainless steel tank (AISI304) designed for fermentation and / or aging of wine, cider and mead. The tank is equipped with a bottom drain valve, decanter valve, two taps located on. Preis:1 722 . Letina Stainless Steel Tanks Wine - Beer - Liquor - OilInsulated Tanks. Filter Press for Wine, Beer and Beverages. Letina stainless steel tanks are customizable in many different ways to fit into your production process seamlessly. Some of the features are stacking technology, custom tops and bottoms, various footing options and different cooling/heating jackets. All of our equipment is constructed Rectangular Tanks for Wine, Olive Oil and Spirit StorageRectangular Wine Storage Tanks. With rectangular tanks optimum use of the cellar can be obtained. They are suitable for very different cellar types. They are made of type 1.4301 BA (AISI 304 V2A) stainless steel and the cover of type 1.4404 2B (AISI 316 V4A).

Stainless Steel Wine Tanks, Catwalks and more OLAVIN

Enter the world of OLAVIN and discover the latest in winery projects, wine fermenters, wine tanks, catwalks, and specialized winery-based equipment. Tanks and Vats - Winequip - Experts From Harvest To Bottle.Our range of Italian made pallet tanks are manufactured in 304 stainless steel for both the tank and supporting structure and generally supplied in sizes 1000-2000L. Closed Top Tanks They are available as a red fermenter with sloping base and pump over pipe or with a conical base for storage and white wine fermentation. Variable Capacity Conical Bottom Tank with JacketJacketed, Variable Capacity Stainless Steel Tanks with a Conical Bottom, Welded Legs, Man Door, Temperature Probe Well w/ Thermometer, Sample Valve, two Tri Clamp Valves, Mechnical Lift Arm, All 18/10 AISI 304 Stainless Steel Construction. Available in 1,000 to 4,000 Liters.

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Speidel Variable Capacity Wine Tank (FO1 Series) - 300 litre $ 1060.00 (inc.GST). Out of Stock Wine tanks Kremet d.o.o.Beer fermentation tank; Beer storage tanks; Other products and services. Ventilation systems; Services; Company; Reference; Stainless steel egg tank. Wine tanks. More. Ventilation system. More. Other. More. DESIGNED WITH A FEELING FOR LASTING SOLUTIONS We offer optimal and custom designed solutions. VIEW REFERENCES. tanks-pressure-tanks-fermentation-tanksStorage tanks for cider. These maturing tanks are designed to contain the apple juice after the fermentation process and they are used at a working pressure of 0.5-1 bar. Tanks for storing fruit juice. The tanks for storing fruit juices are suitable for containing the juice under atmospheric pressure to preserve its organoleptic features.

Stainless Steel Beer Tanks - Storage & Fermentation Letina

Stainless Steel. Beer Tanks. craft the finest brew. We manufacture sanitary stainless steel tanks and processing equipment for the brewing industry. In our expansive catalog you will find:All of our equipment is constructed using only high-quality stainless steel materials (AISI 304 and 316). Welds are brushed and polished for extra protection.

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