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How does a orifice plate flow meter work? Omega

The traditional orifice flow meter is a thin circular plate (with a tab for handling and for data), inserted into the pipeline between the two flanges of an orifice union. This method of installation is cost-effective, but it calls for a process shutdown whenever the plate is removed for maintenance or inspection. Orifice Flow Meter at Best Price in IndiaOm Orifice Flow Meter, Size:1 To 30 Inch 900/ Number. Get Quote. Om Integral Orifice Flow Meter With Dpt 18,000/ Number. Get Quote. Om, Reputed Brands Orifice Plates Water Flow Meter, Ofa 7,200/ Number. Get Quote. teleflo Orifice Flow Meter. 26,500/ Piece Get Latest Price. Display:Analog.

Orifice Meter - Types, Applications & Advantages Aspire

Nov 10, 2018 · An orifice meter is a piece of equipment used to measure the flow rate of a gas or a fluid. It mainly consists of an orifice plate, an orifice plate housing, and a meter tube. Construction of an Orifice Meter It is typically made of carbon steel, and the main components of the device are: Orifice Tapping - Orifice Plate Taps - InstrumentationToolsJan 05, 2018 · Flange Taps Flange taps are the most popular tap location for orifice meter runs on large pipes in the United States. Flanges may be manufactured with tap holes pre-drilled and finished before the flange is even welded to the pipe, making this a very convenient pressure tap configuration. Orifice flow meter - All industrial manufacturersorifice flow meter 1330L. for liquids in-line stainless steel. orifice flow meter. 1330L. Process temperature:149 °C. Volumetric flow rate:0 us gal/min - 43.8 us gal/min. The integral orifice is a flow element can be close -coupled with differential pressure transmitters to make a complete flow meter.

Flowrate Calculation for an Orifice Flowmeter

Introduction A fluid passing though an orifice constriction will experience a drop in pressure across the orifice. This change can be used to measure the flowrate of the fluid. To calculate the flowrate of a fluid passing through an orifice plate, enter the parameters below.

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