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DH Dual Sensor Datasheet - Instrumart

The output signal is a square wave pulse which has a duty cycle of approximately 50%. DH signal outputs are protected with a self-resetting fuse. This fuse has a 50mA nominal trip point. When a trip occurs, turn off power to the sensor and remove output load to reset fuse. The sensor has two different output FLOWMETERS & TRANSMITTERS Archives - DG Instruments Sensor Bodies from 6 mm N.B through to 50 mm N.B. Suitable for most water like fluids / chemicals Indicates Rate-of-Flow with (2) Totalisers; 4-20 mA & Pulse Output

Is it possible to connect a Hall Effect Flow Sensor output

Oct 02, 2019 · basic parameters 1, the lowest rated working voltage DC3.5V-24V 2, the maximum operating current of 15 mA (DC 5V) 3, the working voltage range DC 5 ~ 18 V 4, load capacity =10 mA (DC 5V) skills requirement 1, the output pulse high> DC 4.5 V (input voltage DC 5 V) 2, the output pulse is low <DC 0.5 V (input voltage DC 5 V) 3, precision (Flow rate - pulse output) 0.3 ~ 6L / min ± 3% 4, the output pulse duty cycle of 50 ± 10% 5, the output rise time 0.04µS 6, the output Pulse Meter Instructions - SeametricsJun 17, 2020 · A 1 meter is shown with the magnet pointer set at the x10 dial, with a pulse rate of 100 Gallons per Pulse (that is, 10 increments on the x10 dial, or 10x10=100 Gal/Pulse). Turbine Flow SensorsTurbine flow sensor with pulse output The output signal of FTB 373 is a flow-proportional frequency signal. The shape of the signal is a square wave and its amplitude corresponds approximately with the supply voltage. It is an open collector signal, NPN- switching.

Water Meter Pulse Sensor MySensors - Create your own

Mar 20, 2021 · Use the TCRT5000 IR Barrier Line Track sensor. It emits an infrared light and detects the reflection. If you aim it at the fastest turning hand on your meter, you can detect pulses or a rate. Some water meters emit a fluctuating magnetic field that can be detected by using a Hall effect sensor. Instructions are available here.SPEED SENSOR, MECH TO ELEC, GM & CHRYSLER, 7/8"-18 Nov 24, 2020 · Compatible with GM and Chrysler transmissions with a 7/8" -18 threaded speedometer cable output, this vehicle speed sensor outputs a 16 pulse per revolution (PPR), 12v square wave signal. Featuring a mechanical cable output, this sensor has the ability to retain the mechanical cable in applications with mechanically driven cruise control.

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