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20 Gallon Gas Caddy Tank Storage Drum Gasoline Diesel

May 17, 2019 · Product Type:Gasoline Caddy; Color:Red; Material:Steel; Maximum Capacity:20 Gallons; Rotary Pump:Hand Crank/Manual; Hose Size:8 Feet; Fuel Level:Gauge Type; Vented:Yes; Tire Diameter:10 Pump flow volume:4 gpm; Safety Feature:Anti-Static Grounding Clamp; Assembly Required:Yes; Package Content:20 Gallon Gas Caddy; Hand Pump; Siphon/Discharge Hose 30 Gallon Gas Caddy Tank Storage Drum Gasoline Diesel May 07, 2021 · Description:This 30 gallon gas caddy is perfect for storing fuel for automobiles, gas powered lawn and garden tools, motorcycles/ATVs and much more. The large capacity tank allows you to store up to 30 gallons of fuel and is easily transported with the built-in wheels. This caddy is safe for storing gasoline, diesel, kerosene and even bio diesel.

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25-Gallon UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy; 25-Gallon UL Listed Steel Diesel Caddy; PRO30 30-Gallon UL Listed Diesel Gas Caddy With Manual or Air Operated Pump; PRO30 30-Gallon UL Listed Steel Gas Caddy With Manual or Air Operated Pump Flo n' Go Duramax Gas Caddy 14-Gallon, Poly, Model The Duramax 14 gallon fuel caddy quickly and safely transfers fuel with the patented Flo n' go Maxflo siphon/pump. Prevent accidental spills and overfilling by stopping and restarting the flow of gas with its patented pump, which transfers fuels at a rate of up to 2 gallons per minute. Handy Industries GC-30 Gas Caddy Made in USAThe Handy GC-30 Gas Caddy is the perfect fuel storage and transfer solution for any marketplace. Our portable 30-gallon capacity tank is compatible with gasoline, mixed fuels, or diesel fuel, which means you can use it in your garage, marina, farm, or campground. The possibilities are endless! GC-30 Gas Caddy


Todd Gas Caddy Filling Instructions 1. Fill the Gas Caddy in a horizontal position only. Do not fill in or on a motor vehicle or marine craft. 2. Remove vented fill cap. 3. Check to see that the ball valve is in the closed position. 4. Discharge your static electricity before fueling by physically touching a metal surface away from the nozzle. 5.NEW 30 Gallon Manual Gas Caddy Red - Introductions:If you are looking for a gas caddy, you can't miss this 30 Gallon Manual Gas Caddy. This gas caddy is made of high quality material, which is lightweight, sturdy and durable. Its design of anti-static grounding clamp is safe, so you can use it safety. And its ergonomic hand crank is labor-saving, which can improve efficiency.

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