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100 Litre 500 Litre Foldable PVC Small Water Tanks

SpaceBladder 100 Litre 500 Litre Foldable PVC Small Water Tanks For Emergency Rescue can be packed in carton box, membrane, wooden tray, and wooden box. It is up to the quantity and the size of the product and customers requirements. Bladder Water Tanks - Winkler CanvasBladder Water Tanks Waste Water or Grey Water Tanks Primarily used to contain domestic waste water, which may include mild chemicals such as detergents and household cleaners, these water tanks are also ideal holding tanks for water used/produced in fracking operations.

China Water Storage Bladder Tank, Water Storage Bladder

PVC Waste Water Storage Tank for Water Treament, Multi Function Water Bladder Tank for Storage Water and Oil etc FOB Price:US $ 50 / Piece Min. Order:1 Piece Foldable Water Storage Tank PVC Water Bladder TankCollapsible Water Bladder Plastic PVC Water Tank COMPANY INSTRUCTION:We are professional ton bag and water tank bladder manufacturer with 16 years's experience . We have our own high quality product line of ton bag and water tank bladder for different customers' needs, and our products export most countries all over the world . Perfect water bladder storage tank For Pure Quality Water Access efficient water bladder storage tank with reverse osmosis for purified drinking water at . These water bladder storage tank are much advanced and ideal for commercial uses.


LTCANOPY Water storage bladders are make of main material PVC mesh coated tarp, often referred to as layflat or pillow tanks, have been developed to be suitable for all climates, including the harshest emergency aid conditions. Shop Rainwater Storage Bladder Tanks WaterplexBladder tanks are the ideal solution to those who have limited storage space or limited access. They are the lightweight alternative that can be rolled up to a fraction of their full capacity, allowing you to maximise the amount of water they can carry in a smaller area. Our bladder tanks are available with a Water Storage Bladders & Pillow Tanks Specifications, PricesDrinking water tanks are typically made from either a PVC, Elvaloy, or a Urethane material depending on the storage requirements of your location. When used as a fuel bladder tank, the material used is compatible with jet-A, diesel, and other fuels.

Bladder Tank - Flexible Water Storage Bladder Tanks- Molatank

Pillow Water Tank PVC/TPU Tank. Pillow Bladder Tank. SIZE:from 25 gal (100 liters) to 133,000gal (500,000 liters).. MATERIAL:PVC, TPU. TEMPERATURE:-40-90 degree. COLOR:Blue, Green, Black, Primary, Orange, Red, Yellow, Khaki. LIFESPAN:Over 10 years.

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