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magnetic flow meter price with exw price

Any suppliers selling ultrasonic flow meter at ex-works

Jul 17, 2020 · There are many ultrasonic flow meter makers in China who can offer high-quality products with ex-works cost. Offering ex-works price usually means that the seller is only responsible for packaging the goods and delivering them at a specified location, such as the vendor's warehouse. China Electromagnetic Flow Meter, Electromagnetic Flow

  • DN100 Stainless Steel Electromagnetic Flow Meter with Ce CertificateDN50 Mini Seawater Tap Water Liquid Control Intelligent Electromagnetic Flow MeterLow Flow Electronic Magnetic Liquid Flow Meters Differential Pressure Electromagnetic Water Flow MeterPlastic Liquid Electromagnetic Flow MeterMagnetic Flow Meters Types of Flow Meters SeametricsMagnetic Flow Meters . The most frequent applications of our magnetic flow meters include irrigation, fracking fluid monitoring, groundwater monitoring, municipal water management, and desalination processes. Whether you need an industrial, agricultural, or environmental precision fluid measurement tool, our magmeters are up to the task.

    China Magnetic Flow Meter, Magnetic Flow Meter

    • Low Flow Electronic Magnetic Liquid Flow Meters Differential Pressure Electromagnetic Water Flow MeterLd Series Digital Water Electromagnetic Flow Meter Sewage Magnetic FlowmeterDN500 Liquid Control Electromagnetic Flow Meter Magnetic Pulse OutputDigital Insertion Electromagnetic Liquid Water Magnetic Flow Meter for IrrigationElectromagnetic Flow Meters (Magnetic Flow Meters)MAG910E magnetic full bore flow meters 10 - 800 mm, with display units, pulse frequency and 4- 20 mA outputs. Hard rubber, or PTFE lining. PN10 or PN16 flanges, integral or remote display. Price range :£852.31 - £852.31 Electromagnetic Flow Meter - Mag Meter Latest Price Cosmic Technologies. Plastic Body E Mag Electromagnetic Flow Meters, Conductive Liquids. 16,000. Everest Sanitation (India) Flowtech Digital Water Meter, For Industrial, Size (Inch):0.5-20 Inch. 18,000. Flowtech Measuring Instruments Private Limited. Mega SROAT Magnetic Flow Meter, Model:MS1010. Electromagnetic Flow MeterE-Mag C Series Remote Electromagnetic Flow Meter. Kaifeng Instrument E-mag series electromagnetic flow meters (or magnetic flow meters) are comprised of a converter and sensor. Then sensor is placed inline, and the converter picks up the voltage signals generated by the fluid passing through the sens. FMI Series Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter.

      Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturers electromagnetic

      A common flow meter is the magnetic flow meter, also technically a smart Electromagnetic flow meter manufacturers or more commonly is just called as a mag meter. A magnetic field is applied to the metering tube, which results in a potential difference relative to the flow velocity perpendicular to the flux lines offer protection unfastened feature because of the dearth of any moving parts Kobold Magnetic Flow Meters and Thermal Flow Switches Kobold Magnetic Flow Meters and Thermal Flow Switches. We offer Kobold Oval Gear, Magnetic and Thermal flow meters and switches. 1/4" to 2" All-Metal Electromagnetic Flow Meter (MIM) Flow Ranges:0.16 - 16 GPH to 0.4 - 90 GPM. For measuring and monitoring of conductive liquids. All-metal design:stainless steel. MAG Magnetic Inductive Flow Meter Price ListFlow Range (gpm) Price; MAG-0008N025D:1/4" (male) 0 to 0.8 gpm $ MAG-0066N050D:1/2" 0 to 6.6 gpm $ MAG-0132N075D:3/4" 0 to 13.2 gpm $ MAG-0264N100D:1" 0 to 26.4 gpm $ MAG-0800N150D:1 1/2" 0 to 80 gpm $ MAG-1600N200D:2" 0 to 160 gpm $

      Magnetic Flow Meters - Omega Engineering

      A magnetic flow meter (mag flowmeter) is a volumetric flow meter which does not have any moving parts and is ideal for wastewater applications or any dirty liquid which is conductive or water based. Magnetic flowmeters will generally not work with hydrocarbons, distilled water and USABlueBook - Electromagnetic Flow MetersFind your Electromagnetic Flow Meters products at USABlueBook. PRICE Less than $24.99 (10) 2" WMP 101 Seametrics Polypropylene Magnetic Flow Meter, DC Powered, WMP101-200-GPM-GT-HF. Price:$1,124.00. Brand:Seametrics. Catalog:Page 453. Quantity-+ Add to Cart Add to Wishlist.Flow Meter Price List ATOPrice:Signal Output:Connection:Magnetic Flow Meter:ATO-FLOW-MAG:DN15 (F4) $842.03:4-20mA output:Flange:DN25 (F4) $924.26:DN32 (F4) $971.08:DN40 (F4) $999.49:DN50 (F4) $1,048.06:DN65 (F4) $1,101.48:DN80 (F4) $1,205.45:DN100 (F4) $1,303.06:DN125 (F4) $1,395.13:DN150 (F4) $1,582.43:DN200 (F4) $1,897.81:DN20 (CR) $842.03:DN40 (CR) $916.79:DN50 (CR) $956.32:

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